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Project Enquiry Form

This page contains the initial (stage 1) project enquiry form. Before you submit the form, please check with the explanations about eligible and ineligible works provided on the Grants page of this site, to confirm that your project is potentially for work that would be eligible for a DHET grant.

Then simply complete the boxes and submit the form.

The brief description need only provide general details about what is proposed and why. It would also be helpful to say here how much preparatory information gathering has already been done (such as a professional survey, photos, specification, costings….) – if any.

Once you have submitted the project enquiry form, DHET will check your submission, and respond by email. If your project is potentially eligible you will be notified and issued with a link to the grant application form by email.

Completing the application form is only part of the formal application procedure. It is likely that you will need to prepare a number of supporting documents to submit with the form (stage 2). DHET will provide you with more information about this when responding.

The DHET Grant Guidelines, supplemented by the other documents linked to below, also provide more information about what will be required for the Stage 2 application, and what the process will be.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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